One of the many pleasures of my work is being able to volunteer my services to helping rescued dogs and cats find a new life with a forever home. I am a member of HeARTs Speak, a network of professionals making sure no shelter animal goes unseen.

Here is a very small selection of some of our recent canine and feline models. Some of them have already been adopted by wonderful families, and many are still awaiting the right family.

Visit to see who might be waiting for you.

Nick Chill Humane Society of Northeast Iowa Photography

It can be a challenge to photograph these sweet souls. Many of them have no experience walking on a leash or being handled by humans. Some are simply terrified of humans. It takes patience and love to work with each animal, ensuring they feel comfortable while capturing photos that best display their personalities. This is made yet more challenging by the fact that we are working in an animal shelter, which is not exactly designed as a photography studio.

The Humane Society of Northeast Iowa is a volunteer based non-profit organization. Their ability to give these lost pets a second chance is made possible entirely by community support. If you are interested in volunteering, donating, fostering, adopting, or just visiting, stop by their center at: 2345 Millennium Road in Decorah, IA.

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