Rachel and I are very passionate about helping animals in need. A little over a year ago, we discovered the newly constructed Love and Friendship Adoption Center of the Humane Society of Northeast Iowa, here in Decorah, Iowa. We immediately got the whole family certified as volunteers. I then asked if they could use professional photos of their animals, and I’ve been taking photos of new dogs and cats ever since.

The photos we provide go a long way in helping these loving souls find new homes. It give potential families an opportunity to see the personalities of these little souls, and to make an emotional connection before ever meeting them. Rachel was recently presented with the opportunity to work at the center, and now we are even more involved as a family. The center is a no-kill shelter, but that also means they can run out of room and really depend on the help of volunteers, and on adoptions. There can be sad stories, but when an animal finds their forever home, it’s always a happy ending.

These are just some of the adorable faces currently awaiting a new family, over at the center (as of 7/25/16).

Visit the website, or stop by the Love & Friendship Adoption Center, to see more: http://HSNEI.org

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